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When trying to climb the ladder to success, you have to be willing to make the sacrifices of long days and sleepless nights, as you are putting your plans and documents together, doing cold calling, setting up your business, or getting accounts and clients and handling your affairs, much time will be done at your desk or even in your office space in the bedroom, no matter what, where, when and how you do it, you can not avoid investing your time.

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Many adults and many of our at-risk youth graduating or dropping out of school, becoming adults, have no ideal where they are going in life or what to do when they leave school.   Some of them have hobbies that can be turned into a business, but have no clue of how to get started.  Run Nationals LLC wants to help them with making those types of decisions.

Many of them are not job ready or equipped to handle many of the financial situations they are going to be confronted with.   Therefore, we want to teach them about building good credit, budgeting, banking, money management, interest rates, investing, and the cost of borrowing money, in hopes to help them to be financially independent, so they can escape the rat race and grow their  own businesses as entrepreneurs.

Help us take our participants to the next level.  Help them go from the bottom of society, to being a boss of their own amazing future companies.   Giving them your support which is a gift to their life success.   Giving gifts also, the help support their education that will lead them to their future dreams making them become realities.


We at Run Nationals LLC are not a

 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, and gifts and contributions are not tax deductible. Please be aware that large gift amounts may incur a gift tax, therefore, get acquainted with the rules and the all important exclusion amounts so that you are informed and aware before giving.


 The IRS wants to know about any gift amount over $14,000 so check current laws for updated details before giving.  

If your gift will be over $14,000 file form 709, The "Gift Tax Return   Gifts that pay educational institutions for tuitions are exceptions.


We want those of you who are concerned about the welfare of our generation and community to get involved, and if you see a talented individual who needs this type of assistance and support send them our way so that we can help them start-up and get going

We want the people to have the opportunity to advance and seek the highest potential of excellence in life, helping them by having your eyes and ears open to available grants, loans and private funding that can help Run Nationals to do its job better and faster. 

Help Run Nationals LLC help many to reach for their dreams of being in business and becoming financially free entrepreneurs, having multiple streams of income, because all is possible.


Through your generous gifts, property and support, or your desires to volunteer until we obtain funding for payroll,  or the giving of your time to help us obtain the grants and loans that we need.  We can make their dreams come true and place Run Nationals on the map as a healthy company that is successfully helping the community.    

You can even volunteer your time to mentor our entrepreneurs, educating them with your knowledge of  information on business tips & up scaling and programs to help them get up and going with  their businesses. 

Your generous help, would be greatly appreciated in this area.

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