Operation Level Up

Run your life like its a business building it from the basement to the boardroom.

Level-Up is an entrepreneurship program designed to give participates the tools and knowledge to build a successful business, with the support of our partners, mentors, business leaders, coaches and speakers through classes, workshops and seminars to take there start-up to the next level.
We help them to develop an entrepreneurship mindset for building businesses teaching them business strategies, how to set goals, develop a business plan, budget their money, invest, take risks, brainstorm, build credit, develop critical thinking, solve-problems and always look for opportunities and a need worth filing.


If you have never heard of young people starting businesses, go on the internet and search for young entrepreneurs or young business owners bosses.  Imaging your child becoming the boss of a large corporation company one day and imagine it was you who helped it all come together with your support.
Many wonderful ideals and projects start out at the kitchen table, or at the dinning room table, where people can sit down eat and talk, and engage with each other by brainstorming.  Families start back cooking at home,.  Set the table, eat and build one brick at a time businesses from the foundation up.

Every household has the potential to run like its a business, even in the kitchen where you cook.   The kitchen can be the boardroom, where your family and friends get together to brainstorm and collaborate on fantastic business ideals and Level Up to a more fulfilling life. 

Even those who want to go from:  Business ideal-to large chain corporation, Inventor-to patent - to licensing of products, Game Developer -to Trade Show, Logo Name-to Trademark, Playwriter -to copyright - to live production and Seamstress - to fashion line designer .
Parents Can Make their Child's dream of being a entrepreneur happen.  Invest in them & see what happens.   Creativity is the key.
The first step to helping your child build their business is to first just believe in them.  Listen to what thy have to say.   Little children as well as teenagers  have wonderful ideals that can make a very good business.  even if they leave the nest, they sill need the support of parents, to help them get it all together, don't miss out on the wonderful opportunity of helping  them start a viable business.
Your child does not always know how how to get started, their just wondering where to begin.   You as a parent can take the pressure off a littles, by giving them a boost.  You can talk to them about their Ideal and help them to brainstorm on it, help them develop a business plan and write a list of things to start their business project.  You'll be surprised to know that many business project don't cost much to get started.

Take your children by the hand, when they express a interest in something and help to cultivate it and help it to grow an manifest before your eyes.   This young lady wants to start a business and look who she has with her in the baby stroller, another creative mind just waiting to be cultivated.

At "Run Nationals LLC, we want to inspire and encourage parents to get involved in helping their very important natural resource available to them, and that is your child.  WE believe that every member of a household is a very important asset to the family, and that many industries and businesses can pour out of the family network.   Oh yes, the family is a network system, a industry and much more, the only problem is, we do not know our purpose or capabilities.
The family unit, is a pool of creative minds, that need to be activated.   The mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially when you do not know what you possess and your vast potential.   Therefore, let us began to tap into this unchartered territory of the creative mind. 

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